Calliandra Stud

Breeding Toggenburg and British Alpine Dairy Goats


Holstein Australia utilises the internationally-recognised Linear Evaluation Technique to provide an objective, consistent and accurate method of conformation assessment. It uses a sliding scale of 1 to 9 to measure these traits, with an overall conformation score out of 100.

Dairy Goats are then assigned a classification according to their final score:

  • EX - Excellent (90+ points)
  • VG - Very Good (85–89 points)
  • GP - Good Plus (80–84 points)
  • G - Good (75–79 points) 

The current stud animals on farm are:

Toggenburg Does:
Calliandra Cafe (App D) VG85 - dry (2013)5th Lac: 3.9od/p2.5/bf2.8
Teejae Markaya (PB) VG88 - dry (2015)3rd Lac: 4.2od/p2.8/bf3.2
Calliandra Eclipse* (App B) VG85 - (2017)5th Lac: 5.0od/p2.48/bf3.09
Calliandra Tawnie (PB) GP84 - dry (2015)2nd Lac: 4.1od/p2.4/bf3.4
Calliandra Kahleesi (App B) VG85 - (2017)3rd Lac:4.2od/p2.29/bf3.23
Calliandra Meridian (PB) GP82 - (2017)2nd Lac: 2.6od/p2.68/bf3.26
Calliandra Magenta (PB) GP84 - (2017)1st Lac: 3.8od/p2.52/bf3.52
Calliandra Lynx (App B) - 1st Lac: dry
Calliandra Katniss (App A) - unkidded
Calliandra Temptation (PB) - unkidded
Toggenburg Goatlings
Calliandra Mango Tango (PB)
Calliandra My Cotton Candy (PB)
Calliandra Kung Foo Katie (App A)
Toggenburg Doe Kids
Calliandra Murasaki (PB)

British Alpine Does:
Mundurra Gemma (PB) GP84 - dry (2013)2nd Lac: 3.1od/p3.2/bf4.5
Calliandra Genesis (PB) GP81 - dry (2015)1st Lac: 2.1od/p2.7/bf3.7
Poldark Savannah (PB) GP81 - dry (2013)1st Lac: 4.5od/p3.0/bf2.9
British Alpine Goatlings
Calliandra Grace Kelly (App C)
Calliandra Sophia Loren (App C)
British Alpine Doe Kids
Calliandra Jayne Mansfield (App C)


Toggenburg Bucks:
Stardust Blue Gallileo (PB) G77
Calliandra Master of War (PB)

British Alpine Bucks:
Glendowen Ivory (App D) GP83
Calliandra Gage (App C) 73


Past Sires:
Mundurra Tarragon - Toggenburg (PB) GP81
Teejae Maddock - Toggenburg (PB)
Calliandra Malachi - Toggenburg (PB)
Calliandra Matojo - Toggenburg (PB) GP81
Adabel Shadow - British Alpine (PB) GP80
Luckmore Colleetimely - Toggenburg (PB) GP83
Stardust Truman - Toggenburg (PB) GP84